Mario Isola has revealed why Pirelli decided to use non-consecutive tire compounds for this weekend’s Australian GP.

Pirelli nominates three tire compounds out of five available for every race weekend. They are usually consecutive, but it will not be the case at the Australian GP as the C2, C3, and C5 sets will be used at the Albert Park Circuit. Isola has spoken about the decision.

“We decided to opt for the step in the compound nominations because we noticed that there was a relatively small performance gap between the C3 and C4 compounds during development testing, and we believe that Albert Park is a good place to try out this option,” the Pirelli head of F1 and car racing said.

Isola also anticipates that the teams and drivers will have to work a lot because of many changes.

“The circuit layout has been heavily revised and, as a result, there’s also new asphalt that should be quite smooth.

“This means the track is likely to offer very low levels of grip at the start, with a high degree of evolution expected over the weekend and an extremely slippery surface if it rains.

“We will also head to Melbourne a couple of weeks later compared to previous seasons, when autumn has already started in the southern hemisphere, so conditions could be more variable.

“There is [also] a completely new generation of cars and tires that the drivers are still trying to learn about.

“All these factors mean that there will be a lot of work to do for teams and drivers in the free practice sessions.”

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