Mattia Binotto has shared his thoughts about Ferrari’s readiness to fight for the championship this year.

Ferrari had a strong start to the 2022 season with a race win and 4 podiums. The Maranello-based outfit is leading the Constructors’ Championship at the moment with 78 points scored.

Last time Ferrari were in title contention was in 2017 and 2018, but they did not manage to beat Mercedes. However, Binotto thinks that the team is prepared better now.

“I think that keeping up the level of development through a season is always a challenge not only for us, but for all the teams,” the Ferrari team principal said.

“But it’s true that our competitors are very strong in that, and they proved to be very strong while as Ferrari, with the last two opportunities we had in ’17 and ’18, we lost a bit of ground for development.

“I think for car design, we have improved our tools, which are wind tunnel methodologies, processes and the simulator.

“And I think as of today, we are much better prepared compared to the past to do the proper job as well in development.”

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