Mattia Binotto confirms that Ferrari have caught up with the leaders in terms of the power unit performance.

The improvement of the power unit was one of the most important tasks for Ferrari ahead of this season. The first two races showed that the Maranello-based outfit had made progress. Binotto has spoken about the power unit.

“As we often said, last year we [had] a disadvantage that we tried to catch up,” the Ferrari team principal said.

“I think if we look at the data today, we are certainly more in line. On the first two races, and on the analysis we’ve done so far, it seems that between the power units of different manufacturers, the difference is very little.

“I think we’re really reaching a convergence, so while it was a disadvantage for us last year, it’s not anymore.”

At the same time, Charles Leclerc states that Ferrari do not have the upper hand as of now.

“I can feel the difference from the car [and] the progress that’s been made from last year to this year, which is nice,” the Monegasque commented.

“It’s the result of all the work of the guys back in Maranello and is also a reason why we are much more competitive this year, so it’s great to see that.

“On the other hand, I don’t think we have any advantage. I think we are very similar to where Red Bull is at the moment – they seem to be very strong power unit-wise.

“We need to keep pushing, but it is definitely a big step from last year.”

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