Guenther Steiner has shared his thoughts about the approach the F1 teams take in terms of bringing upgrades.

Developing the car properly and finding a breakthrough concept may be a deciding factor this season. That’s why the teams intend to spend a lot of resources and constantly bring updates. However, Steiner questions such approach as the upgrades do not always make a big impact on the results.

“People like to be bringing upgrades, but if you bring upgrades for one, two or three points, it’s not like, ‘Oh, we bring upgrades!’,” the Haas team principal said.

“The part looks different, but what does it actually do? That is important for me.

“If you ask an aerodynamicist, they would bring to every Grand Prix a million dollars worth of updates for one point. That needs to be managed under the budget cap more than anything else.

“Obviously, [on] upgrades, I’m not saying that nobody brings good ones, but I think they’re a little bit overrated sometimes.”

Steiner has also revealed that Haas will upgrade the VF-22 car as soon as the team understands it better.

“As I said, I want to stay calm this year, intentionally, and not because we haven’t got money,” he joked.

“I want to get the package together so we can measure it properly, so that we make progress, so that we don’t change the balance of the car, and then introduce [upgrades] – but not just going, ‘We need upgrades left, right and centre’, no.

“We learned that in 2019 when we continued to bring upgrades and we ended up at the last race with the package of the first race. They weren’t good upgrades! Normally, I get it wrong once and the second time I try not to do that mistake.

“Let’s focus on the car, understand it and then get the best out of what we’ve got.”

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