Andrew Shovlin reveals that porpoising does not let Mercedes find out how fast the W13 car is.

Porpoising hurts the Silver Arrows at the start of the season as they have to find set-ups that minimize its impact on the car. As a result, it affects the car performance and Mercedes are unable to join in the battle between Ferrari and Red Bull Racing. Shovlin admits that fixing the issue is the team’s main goal at the moment.

“That’s probably priority number one. Because that’s ultimately preventing us from running the car where we’d like to run it for optimum performance,” the Mercedes trackside engineering director told

“What we don’t know is, if we could just magically make that issue vanish, where would we actually be in terms of car pace: is the car fast enough or not? And it’s very difficult to answer that question.

“Fundamentally, we need to understand the problem better. We’ve got some avenues that I think are giving us a good direction, but it’s taking a bit of time to get those parts on the car. And we’re working very hard.

“We’re well aware that there are other teams that have got on top of this problem faster than we have. And that’s not the standard we normally work to.

“Every bit of effort at the factory is going into getting on top of this, making sure we don’t neglect normal car development. But there’s a lot of work trying to pull us out of this situation at the moment.”

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