Stefano Domenicali believes that Saturday night is “a perfect time and perfect slot” for the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The Las Vegas GP, which will make its return to the F1 calendar next year, will be the first race in 37 years to take place on Saturday. More than that, the race will start at 10 p.m. local time, which will be in the morning for the European audience.

Domenicali spoke about the start time.

“I think that is a perfect time and perfect slot for that event in this context,” the F1 CEO said.

Domenicali also stated that having the race at the traditional time of 3 p.m. “would be a total mistake.”

“That’s the reason why we are flexible. We are showing that’s the right moment to have the best show in this context. I don’t see any problem on that,” he continued.

“If you think actually what is, in terms of timing in Europe represented the racing time we have decided, 10 p.m. Saturday night [in Las Vegas] is perfect because also that audience will be connected.”

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