Charles Leclerc believes that the DRS should stay in Formula 1 for the time being.

One of the main goals of the new technical regulations is to ensure closer racing. That led to the talks regarding expediency of the DRS on the new cars. Leclerc thinks that the system is still needed in order to provide spectacular races.

“I think DRS needs to stay for now, otherwise the races would be very boring,” the Ferrari driver commented.

“As much as following has been better from last year to this year, and it’s a very positive step, I still think it’s not enough to get rid of the DRS.

“It’s part of it and I actually quite enjoy it. It’s part of the strategy for each driver in terms of defending and overtaking, and it’s part of racing for now.”

Max Verstappen states that he wouldn’t have been able to make a race-winning overtake on Leclerc if he had not had the DRS.

“If I didn’t have DRS today [on Sunday] I would have never passed. I think we are still too sensitive for that. And of course, some tracks are easier to pass than others. But for me at the moment, if DRS wouldn’t be there, I would have been second today.”

Carlos Sainz assumes that the impact of the DRS needs to be decreased.

“Without DRS, it is almost impossible to overtake nowadays. What it has improved is the predictability of the car in following and it’s given us a much more predictable balance, and the ability to stay closer through the corners.

“But without those three or four tenths that DRS gives you in each straight, it would be impossible to pass – also because the slipstream is lower than last year.

“We might need to consider making the DRS effect a tiny bit lower though, just so we don’t have the delta states that we see nowadays, that some overtakes are maybe a bit too easy.”

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