George Russell states that Mercedes want to compete for better positions.

The Silver Arrows struggled in the Saudi Arabian GP qualifying as Russell and Lewis Hamilton were 6th and 16th respectively. After the session, Russell admitted that Saturday was “a very difficult day” for Mercedes.

“We’re not here to be battling for P5, P6. As a team, it was a very difficult day. The car is is really on a knife-edge, and getting it in the right window is so difficult,” he said.

“Lewis and I went down a different set-up routes. And clearly it didn’t work out, and it’s pretty clear in the data.

“So as a team, it’s a bit of a shame. From my personal side, I think I would have definitely been pleased with P5, half a tenth away.

“It was possible, if I really put absolutely everything together. But that’s just where we are at the moment.

“It’s tricky, because we put in all of our effort into solving this porpoising issue. And it’s not allowing us to focus on other things.

“As a driver, it’s not allowing me to focus on the driving as much, the fine tuning of the balance, the set-up, we can’t really do, because all of our is on solving this issue. So we’ve got work to do.”

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