Esteban Ocon admits that he almost had a crash similar to Mick Schumacher’s one in qualifying.

The Saudi Arabian GP qualifying was red-flagged after Schumacher’s heavy shunt at the exit of turn 10. The Haas driver was sent to the hospital afterwards. He did not sustain injuries, but would not participate in the race on Sunday.

Ocon stated that he was close to a similar accident.

“I think one more degree and I would have been gone [into the wall]. I would have had exactly the same thing that happened to Mick,” he said.

“Not nice. Not nice at all. I pushed hard; I didn’t get the tire up to temperature as much as I wanted. And yeah, I tried to get the lap time.

“In the end, I backed off. I said, ‘look, it’s enough and let’s go back into the pits.'”

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