Lando Norris thinks that the curb at the exit of turn 10 of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit needs to be modified.

There were two big crashes during this weekend’s Saudi Arabian GP. In the F2 practice session, Cem Bolukbasi lost his car on the curb at the exit of turn 10 and hit the wall. He was ruled out of competition because of a concussion.

In the F1 qualifying, Mick Schumacher had a similar incident and was sent to the hospital. Luckily, he did not sustain injuries, but would miss the Saudi Arabian GP.

Norris believes that some curbs at the F1 tracks, including the one in Jeddah, need changes.

“I think with this era of cars, with how you have to run them and how they’re designed, some curbs throughout the year might need to change, and I think this curb is one of them,” he commented.

“It was very evident from Formula 2 because in Formula 2 you have to run the cars very low as well. And there was two crashes and Cem, the Turkish guy, was in hospital.

“I think just with these type of cars you can’t have such an aggressive curb at such a speed that we’re running at. I think what makes it worse is how it’s angled to come back and then curves around and you just get a little bit wrong and it can be a big incident like we saw.

“It needs to be edited for tomorrow and changed a bit because especially in a race situation, if you’re following or you just get a bit of understeer because of the dirty air and so on, through no fault of your own, you can just get caught out and with the car and how it is and the curb, it can easily end up in a bad place. So I think they need to change it for tomorrow.”

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