Max Verstappen has admitted that he had struggled with the tires in the final segment of qualifying.

Verstappen was among the contenders for the Saudi Arabian GP pole position on Saturday evening. However, the Dutchman lost the pace at the moment at the most important moment, in Q3. As a result, Verstappen had 4th quickest lap time. After the qualifying, he explained what had happened.

“I think in Q1 and Q2, everything was looking quite well,” Verstappen told Sky Sports.

“It was just my first set [of tires] in Q3 was terrible. I don’t know, it was like a completely different feeling with the tires; they were just moving around a lot more, and so it was really difficult for me to drive.

“When you have that bad of a build up and rhythm, and you go onto your second tire set… I just didn’t really feel comfortable and also, that tire set, I couldn’t really extract like I did in Q1 and Q2.

“On a track where the ambient temperature is coming down and the track temperature is coming down, you should easily improve, but for me, it felt quite like flat, or even worse, throughout qualifying.

“It’s the first time I have something like that, so it’s something I need to look into.”

At the same time, Verstappen praised his teammate Sergio Perez, who took his first career pole position.

“I’m complaining and I didn’t have a good feeling, but the potential of the car is there.

“Checo did a great job today, so I’m very happy for him, and hopefully we can make it difficult for Ferrari also tomorrow in the race.”

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