Formula 1 teams were assured the Grand Prix at Saudi Arabia would be safe despite Houthi bombings in the city.

Yemen’s Houthi militia bombed Saudi Aramco oil facilities in Jeddah, kilometers away from the Corniche Circuit. Teams and drivers were concerned about safety, but it was announced the race would go ahead with safety guarantees.

“I think if the authorities have their own family here, and they feel safe, I can feel safe.

“We know the technical systems they’ve got in place. For me, the assurance is if the authorities have got their own families here and they feel safe, I can be safe as well,” Haas team principal Guenther Steiner said.

“They explained very credibly what is in place. Technical details, I am not in a position to explain, because I’m not qualified enough. But there is stuff in place, which protects us, obviously. I’m not trained in that one.

“But the credible explanation of what they do, and that their families are here with them, that gives me the assurance that I’m safe. And that my team is safe.”

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto added: “When we discussed last night, with F1, FIA, the stakeholders, the drivers, the team principals, no doubt that we got all the assurance, and we discussed as well with the local authorities.

“But we as well concluded that let’s keep updated ourselves. Let’s see if there is anything new that needs to be to be addressed or discussed.”

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