Jake Hughes has been disqualified from the Formula 2 Sprint Race in Jeddah due to technical infringement.

Hughes crossed the finish line third in Saturday’s race, which was his first podium finish. However, the technical delegate found out that the skid plank on his car did not comply with the rules and the Briton was disqualified.

Felipe Drugovich inherited the third place in the race.

“The Stewards received a report from the Technical Delegate regarding the nonconformance of Car 24 to the FIA Formula 2 Technical Regulations,” the report read.

“Car 24’s skid plank was found to have a maximum thickness of 3.6mm, where the Technical Regulations require the thickness to be 5mm +/-1mm. They summoned and heard the team representatives. 

“The Stewards heard from the Team representatives who explained that wear on the plank was on the loaded side of the car, and this was likely to be due to variations in tyre pressures during the multiple safety car deployments that occurred.  

“Having considered the matter extensively, the Stewards determined that Car 24 did not comply with the Technical Regulations and is therefore disqualified from the results of the Sprint Race.  

“The Stewards understand the circumstances that the team explained, and view the matter a resulting from an unfortunate error on the part of the Team and not due to intent.” 

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