Mick Schumacher admits that he changed his approach to results due to Haas’ results at the start of the season.

After a P10 finish in the Constructors’ Championship and no points scored last year, Haas started the 2022 season with a 5th place result from Kevin Magnussen. Schumacher was close to scoring his first career points, but crossed the finish line 11th. The German shared his thoughts about the result and how the team’s performance affected his mindset.

“I guess it shows that even though we had our best result, we’re still unhappy in a way, and that just proves the point that we have so much more potential,” Schumacher said,

“It’s great to be disappointed and dreaming of something bigger, because that just motivates you even more to try and do your best every single time, and even go beyond that.

“You have to recenter or realign your expectations. Like last year, if the expectations were hopefully to be in P16, then this year it’s like OK, we can actually be in P5 if everything goes right.”

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