Christian Horner believes that Mercedes will make a recovery and improve their performance.

Mercedes started the 2022 season on the back foot as they struggled with the car performance. The Silver Arrows state that they cannot be in contention for race wins as of now, but Horner says that Mercedes are able to deal with the problems.

“I think when you watch their car on circuit it obviously doesn’t look easy for their drivers at the moment. But what we do know is their ability to bounce back. I mean, they’ve had difficult pre-seasons before and then gone and won the first race,” the Red Bull Racing team principal commented.

“So I think until we’ve seen… a sample of three or four races, you’re not going to get a true picture of form and, of course, with the regulations being so immature, the development rate is going to be fast, it’s going to be steep, and of course a team like Mercedes – with the strength and depth that they have – will bounce back very, very quickly if they are on the back foot.”

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