Zhou Guanyu is “relieved” after having finished 10th in the debut Formula 1 race.

Zhou joined Alfa Romeo for his rookie season and became the first Chinese driver in F1 history. While he was among the leaders in F2, he also got strong financial backing from the sponsors, which affected the public opinion about the move.

Zhou proved the naysayers wrong as he finished the season opener in Bahrain 10th, having scored his first world championship point. He shared his thoughts about the result.

“I think once I signed the contract last season, for some reason people had some different thoughts about me being in Formula 1,” Zhou commented.

“But in my mind, I think I have done everything I need to do to have a seat in F1. This season, I wanted to get into Q2 so I can close their mouths. Today [on Sunday] I’m just so relieved, as I went from P15 to P10, but it was more like P20 to P10. 

“I think that is the best answer. I don’t talk too much trash, but I will just focus on my job.”

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