AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly explained his battery failure at the Bahrain GP showed no signs or warnings.

The Frenchman’s car caught fire prompting a Safety Car. Speaking about the situation, he said he had no warning about what was coming and that he is yet to fully understand what happened.

“I literally had zero warning, which is very strange,” he told 

“I’m not too sure what happened yet, just out of turn 1 the whole car switched off, and I parked it. Then basically a barbecue at the back of the car.

“We were super confident after testing, we didn’t have one single issue, and just shows this sport keeps you grounded all the time, you can never be overconfident about anything. I just hope the engine is not gone, but we’ll deal with it.

“So not the finish we would have liked, and especially after the race was going so well with a great start, great battle with Fernando, which was pretty fun, and then after also with Kevin. We were in P8 quite comfortably, so just a big shame to miss on these points.”

Technical director Jody Egginton said the issue is ‘potentially’ related to the battery, but that the team is still investigating.

“It was an instantaneous failure, a total power loss electrically. At the moment it’s potentially related to the battery, we don’t know exactly. So we’re still investigating. We’ve got to find the fault first, but one scenario is that we have to change a power unit element.

“One minute the car was running, and then it was off, total failure. We lost power immediately, the car stopped and we had a fire. The source of the fire could be things that were very hot not being cooled properly. We’ve had a look at it, there’s a lot of superficial damage.”

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