Fernando Alonso thinks that overtaking is still not easy with the new generation of Formula 1 cars.

One of the main goals of the new technical regulations is to ensure closer racing and more overtakes. While Alonso agrees that following other cars is easier, only a big difference in tire performance helped make passes in Bahrain.

“Following was definitely easier. We spotted already in the test that it was easier to follow cars, but overtaking is still not as easy as it seems on TV,” he said.

“I think all the overtaking we saw today [on Sunday] was because one car had two seconds more pace on newer tires than others.

“I met cars that I was two seconds faster [than] and I overtook in a few corners. And I also met cars that were two seconds faster than me and they overtook me in two or three corners.

“I think the tire is the biggest differentiating factor still, not the following. So, we need to see, we need to drive more races.”

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