Max Verstappen has shared his thoughts about Red Bull Racing’s struggles at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Verstappen was forced to retire from the Bahrain GP due to a mechanical problem. Issues started after the final pit stop as the Dutchman struggled with steering.

Verstappen admits that Red Bull is yet to understand what exactly has happened.

“I don’t know why. We don’t really know or fully understand yet why it happened, but it definitely happened after the tires came on and I drove off,” he said.

“It was not even that the steering wheel just got too heavy, it was almost impossible to steer and the faster I was going, it felt also like there was like a delay, so every time I was turning right it took a while before something was happening.

“And then that’s when my restart was very bad.

“I wanted to go on throttle but I couldn’t open my wheel because it was stuck.”

Verstappen has also revealed that there is a lot to learn from the opening race weekend of the year.

“It was very hard out there with a lot of different issues that we had to deal with and this is, of course, not what you want to have on the first race weekend.

“The pace wasn’t amazing. I think the balance was just not as good as on Friday, for whatever reason, which we have to understand, of course.

“There was just a lot of things to analyze, to be honest.”

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