Alexander Albon and Nicholas Latifi have both shown different feelings after qualifying for the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Albon finished P14 while Latifi P20 and their post-qualifying interviews show two different poles in which the drivers are standing this weekend.

For Albon, “the result was more than we expected, so it’s a pretty special one.”

“The car gives me a lot of confidence, as does the team, which really enabled me to push and get the most out of Qualifying.

“Coming into the session, I was expecting similar struggles to those we experienced in testing, but the car felt alive, quick and agile, so I’m going into Sunday feeling positive.”

However, for Canadian driver Latifi things are completely the opposite, as he says “there’s clearly been a lack of pace all weekend.”

“Each session we’ve actually been learning quite a lot, but for some reason, it’s felt like we’ve been going backward as the car felt the best in FP1, which is strange for a track like this especially.

“I know why I was so far off – the answer is clear – the question is why we couldn’t make the tires work the way we need them to. It’s not ideal, but the race is tomorrow and we’ve got a lot to analyze before then to further our learning.”

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