George Russell admits he had “no grip” in his final qualifying attempt in Bahrain.

Russell’s first qualifying at Mercedes did not go the way he expected – he was only 9th. The Briton talked about what went wrong in Q3.

“In Q2, I was pretty happy, to be honest, [and] the car felt good,” he said.

“I just tried something different [on the last lap in Q3]. We only had one set of tires and I really pushed on my out lap. I got to turn 1 and I just had no grip.

“I went one second slower than I did in Q2 and I was expecting to go a couple of tenths faster. That was a real shame, but I’m glad I tried something.

“Obviously, P9 is much lower down than where the car is, but we’re doing everything we can to try and get the car back to the front.”

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