Kevin Magnussen has reflected on his Formula 1 comeback so far, stating that he “can’t believe what’s going on.”

Magnussen returned to Haas after the team had terminated the contract with Nikita Mazepin. The Dane did not have much time to work with the car prior to the Bahrain GP, but managed to finish 10th in the FP2. Magnussen is happy with how everything is going at the moment.

“I can’t even believe what’s going on. It’s so cool, man. It’s surreal. I feel very lucky,” he commented.

Magnussen was also delighted with his performance on Friday.

“The car’s been feeling good all day, again, like last week. We got to FP1, we were focusing a little more on race set-up and race feeling, we weren’t trying to set a lap time. FP2 we did a quali sim, still not fully going for it, but more like a quali sim, and that looked better on the times. I think long runs were what I was really curious by. The car felt so consistent, lap times were really strong, so yeah, still super excited!

“At this point I don’t know where people are. Especially when you look at long run pace, it is very up and down, even between teammates. Let’s see. So far I’m feeling good, we’re happy to be here and with a good car. Excited for tomorrow [Saturday].”

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