Yuki Tsunoda believes that he is well-prepared for his second season in Formula 1.

Despite several impressive performances, Tsunoda had a difficult rookie season. He made numerous mistakes on track, made controversial comments via the team radio, and admitted that he had taken a wrong approach to the preparation for race weekends. The Japanese is about to start his second year in the championship and he feels better than last year.

“My overall fitness improved a lot from last year and now, just before the start of the season, I feel very different,” Tsunoda said.

“Last year, I didn’t expect anything and I wasn’t fully in control of all the situations. Now I know much better what I have to do to improve myself.

“I have a clear target. I am more relaxed, I am happy and my mentality is good and ready for the first race.”

Furthermore, Tsunoda is confident that he will be able to improve his performance and avoid mistakes.

“It’s true that I have to deliver more and reduce the number of mistakes I make compared to last year, but I don’t feel any pressure.

“I am convinced I can achieve that and I’m not worried about making mistakes. I am just focusing on developing the car through the season with the team and giving good feedback. I have the confidence to achieve those things now.

“I will know most of the circuits this time, apart from Singapore and Australia, and even though I have driven at Suzuka, it was in Formula 4, so 45 seconds per lap slower than an F1 car!”

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