Carlos Sainz has shared his thoughts about the modification of the qualifying tire rule.

A lot of changes were made to the rules ahead of the 2022 season. One of them concerns qualifying. The drivers that advance to Q3 now have the free choice of tires for the start of the race. Sainz believes that this decision will make racing “fair.”

“I think it’s more fair,” the Ferrari driver said.

“The only negative thing is that probably in the races that are on the limit of the two and the one-stop, everyone will elect probably a stiffer compound and the race will become a maybe an easier one-stop because you have the possibility to start on the medium. On a new medium on top, not even used.

“That’s the only downside. But I’m happy to take that downside because it’s a lot more fair for everyone to start a race with equal opportunity, let’s say.”

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