Andreas Seidl has confirmed that McLaren are working with a possible solution to the brakes temperature issue in Bahrain.

McLaren faced a serious problem regarding brakes temperature during the Bahrain testing. It did not allow the Woking-based outfit to have long runs on the track.

The team spent the whole week trying to find a solution. According to Seidl, McLaren are testing it on Friday.

“Obviously brake ducts are quite complex parts if you look at the entire Formula 1 car. So it was a race against time in order to bring an interim solution to here,” the McLaren team principal said.

“It’s definitely not the final, ideal solution. But we did what we could, the factory was flat-out in the last seven, eight days in order to provide us with the solutions we have on the cars now, which we have to evaluate now in free practice one and two.

“Hopefully it allows us then to get back to normal running, to get back into our rhythm as well, which we lost a bit during the last test and then we take it from there.”

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