Pierre Gasly admits his AlphaTauri felt different in FP2 than what it did during the daylight session earlier Friday.

The French driver topped FP1, the first session of the Formula 1 season, surprising many. However, he was unable to repeat his performance in the second practice and finished 13th.

Speaking after the session, Gasly explained how he felt the different conditions.

“This morning it was just riding a bicycle, it was just very natural and very easy and the pace was there straight away. And straight from the first lap in FP2, I could feel ‘ah, okay, it doesn’t feel the same’.

“Obviously it’s very different conditions, tires are behaving differently so quite a lot of things to go through tonight.

“I don’t want to sound like there is anything dramatic, it’s just something we need to go through. And there’s surely an explanation.

“At least we’ve shown some pace which is good. We’ll be worrying if we will be always on the back foot.

“We’ve shown that we can go fast now, now we just need to understand why tonight we were not able to do it. I’m sure there are going to be explanations but we just need a bit of time to go through everything.

“Clearly for us the hotter track conditions helped us or worked better for our car and then in the cooler conditions tonight we struggled massively. Now we need to go through everything and try to understand what to do because obviously the qualifying and the race is by night so we’ll have similar conditions.”

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