Charles Leclerc states that he wants to be in contention for race wins in the upcoming Formula 1 season.

Leclerc’s only F1 victories came in 2019, his first year at Ferrari. The Maranello-based outfit was unable win races in 2020 and 2021, but it emerged as one of the favorites ahead of the start of the new season. Like his team, the Monegasque is hungry for wins.

“It’s honestly the same mentality as the team goal: to be fighting for wins. I miss it. I mean, I’ve had two wins in 2019, which are moments that I will never forget, and to be fighting for competitive positions gives you a lot of motivation. So yes, this is definitely my goal, to be fighting at the top again,” he said.

Leclerc also believes that he is capable of fighting for the world championship.

“I feel ready. I mean I’ve always felt ready, you need to feel that way as a driver. If you don’t believe in yourself, then stay home, and I believe in myself and I feel much readier than I was in 2019. I’m more grown, I have more experience, which will help. So yes, I do [feel ready].

“But I don’t get carried away. We still need to work extremely hard, and we cannot relax. Because again, we don’t know. This is my guess. So, to prepare for this we need to assume we are still quite a bit behind and that we need to work very hard. This is the mentality now in the team.”

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