The McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl thinks that the “B team” system in Formula 1 needs to be controlled.

The satellite team concept has become popular in F1 recently. One of the most revealing cases is the relations between Ferrari and Haas as the American team got a lot of parts from the Maranello-based outfit through the years. Seidl states that such relations need to be regulated.

“In the team are very busy with ourselves this week so I can’t speak specifically about the two cars of Haas and Ferrari for example,” the German said.

“But it’s not a secret that in general definitely these relationships that can exist within the regulations, how they are in place at the moment is a concern for us.

“That’s why we are definitely of the opinion that moving forward we should put steps in place that F1 is actually a championship again of 10, 11 or 12 true constructors.

“From our point of view F1 should be to be a championship of 10, 11 or 12 teams competing where the only things you should be allowed to share are actually the power units and the gearbox environments, everything else, you have to do yourself.

“Because we know that soon as you go further you have definitely a change or transfer of IP which is performance relevant regarding the car, and that’s not what F1 should be about.

“That’s why we are also bringing continuously this topic up together with other teams as well that have the same concerns. That’s why we have the dialogue as well with the FIA.

“And I’m hoping that at some point we make steps. Because we accept as well that policing of let’s say where the limit exactly is, this is also a difficult challenge, and that’s where the most effective and simplest way forward is to have clear limits of what can be shared.”

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