Max Verstappen has mocked Mercedes’ comments of not being the favorites coming into the start of the 2022 season.

Mercedes are known for downplaying their performance during pre-season testing, to then make an impactful comeback from the start of the first race.

Verstappen acknowledged that and mocked their recent comments in which they state they’re not the favorites.

“They always do that. If another team is doing well or is expected to do well, then they always say ‘oh no, obviously we’re not the favourites,” Verstappen said according to the Spanish edition of

“But then a week later, when things are going well [for Mercedes], they suddenly say: ‘oh no, we have completely changed everything in just one week. It has not been a normal job, it is something incredible. Thank you to all the people in the factory.

“They were like that last year too, and then they were very strong during the first weekend of racing,” Verstappen said recalling Mercedes’ struggles before kicking off the 2021 season.

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