Kevin Magnussen believes that his result on Friday does not show Haas’ true performance.

Magnussen shocked everyone as he set the fastest lap time of the second day of Bahrain testing on Friday evening. However, the Dane stated the result was not representative.

“I wish I could say that this means a whole lot,” he said.

“It’s always nice to see your team on top, and suddenly we want that rather than being at the bottom. But it’s not like we think… it’s not like we believe now that we’re going to be champions this year or anything.

“Being fastest on the test day in pre-season testing in F1, I think anyone that knows even a little bit about Formula 1 knows that it doesn’t really mean much.”

At the same time, Magnussen was happy with his performance.

“We did do a good lap time there at the end, but you know, I’m not really getting carried away by that.

“But it’s been a good day nonetheless. The afternoon was super good.

“We got a lot of running, and I didn’t get out of the car once. We just kept going, and it was so nice to get back in the Formula 1 car. So nice to get back with the team and working with them again, and I’m just super happy.”

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