Christian Horner believes that the pit stops will be slower in the upcoming Formula 1 season.

The new generation of F1 cars is dramatically different from the previous ones. The cars now weigh almost 800kg as well as it is difficult for the mechanics to grab the new 18-inch tires because of covers. Horner thinks that it will affect the speed of the pit stops.

“The pit stops have been slowed a little bit. The wheels are heavier, obviously, we’ve got the wheel disc in them now,” the Red Bull Racing team principal told F1TV.

“So I doubt we’re going to get sub two seconds stops, but hopefully we can get into the low twos, that would be that’d be really solid.

“Thankfully our rear jack man, Olaf [Janssen], he’s one of the biggest guys in the team height-wise. He’s a big, strong South African lad, because you need a bit of muscle power to get these cars off the ground.”

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