Alfa Romeo’s Valtteri Bottas says he is starting to like his new machine but has concerns with its reliability.

The 2022 pre-season testing at Bahrain has finished and it’s time to get down to business, with the first Grand Prix of the year in a few days’ time.

Every team has had their concerns and are working to fix them, hoping to be in good shape before the Bahraini race.

Alfa Romeo managed to fix many of those concerns after troubled testing in Barcelona, but Bottas still has his doubts when it comes to reliability.

“I’ll be more confident once we speak with the team next week and when I hear that all the issues we understand 100% and we make sure that they don’t happen again,” Bottas told RaceFans. “Because at the moment now my biggest concern is doing a race distance.”

“We’ve had multiple different kinds of issues during this test, but we’ve been able to fix them and we just hope there are no new issues coming up.

“Otherwise, in terms of performance, my feeling, for now, is that the team has made a clear step from last year. And that’s nice to see. You know testing, we can’t say in detail, but it’s not far off where we should be.”

“When it works, it’s not bad,” he said about how he feels in the car. “I was really starting to like the car. Both high fuel and a little bit lower fuel it felt pretty decent. We got a clear direction on the set-up that we still need to go to extract more performance.”

“Still, it’s not easy in general to turn the car quickly and early enough in the corners. I think it’s also a characteristic of the new tires, they are quite weak on the combined braking [and steering], the front tires especially.

“It was a good day for learning and the main thing is we just need to fix all the issues we’ve been having now.”

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