Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc believes the top 2 teams – Red Bull and Mercedes – will have more developments shortly.

It’s usual in pre-season testing to speculate about other teams’ performances, and Mercedes is always the first to do so. The Silver Arrows, formed by Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, repeatedly state rival teams are ahead of them, for example, Ferrari.

However, those comments are always a back-and-forth, with drivers denying such speculations and keeping their heads down until it’s time to go for qualifying in Bahrain.

Speaking about it, Leclerc said no one will know for sure, and that the priority is to keep developing to stay ahead of everyone else’s game.

“I think everyone is trying to point the finger at someone else, so they don’t have too much pressure, but I think everyone also knows that it means absolutely nothing, so, for now, we’ll have to wait.

“Even though it’s a new project, I’m pretty sure that Red Bull and Mercedes, after doing so many strong seasons in the past years, will remain the teams to beat, so we are working hard.”

Speaking about Ferrari’s developments, the Monegasque said “it looks not bad for now, but we need to keep working.

“I think Red Bull will have another upgrade coming before the race. We’ve seen the Mercedes arrive with a completely different car here. So yeah, we cannot relax.

“We need to be careful because, yes, the lap times are there but we don’t know what Mercedes are doing, we don’t know what Red Bull are doing, we don’t know what whoever is doing in this paddock.

“Mercedes and Red Bull, for sure, they have much more to come, so yeah, I wouldn’t get carried away by the lap times. They don’t mean anything for now.”

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