Christian Horner believes that Mercedes’ new sidepod design “ticks all the boxes” in the rules.

Mercedes took an aggressive approach with their sidepods at the Bahrain testing as they were significantly smaller than before. It caused discussions in the paddock regarding whether the concept complied with the regulations. Horner shared his opinion about it.

“I think it’s interesting,” the Red Bull Racing team principal said.

“It’s very innovative, what Mercedes have come up with. It’s quite a different concept to certainly the concept that we pursued, and I think some of the others have.

“It shows the creativity that exists even within constrictive regulations in Formula 1 that very different solutions are coming out now. Whether it’s the right route or whatever, only time will tell.

“I think what we see in Formula 1 is that there tends to be convergence over a period of time on design philosophies. But what’s so, so good about this sport is if you get a clean sheet of paper, you get 10 different interpretations.

“Obviously, Mercedes have come up with an extreme one. That’s a different interpretation. But to answer your next question, whether we think it’s legal or not: Yes, absolutely. It looks like it ticks all the boxes.”

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