Lewis Hamilton says the porpoising of the Mercedes continues to appear, and admits it might even be worse than before.

Most of the paddock has complained about the effects of porpoising in the new F1 cars, which have affected drivers since the first testing in Barcelona.

Hamilton says the phenomenon still occurs, and maybe even has worsened.

“The package is very similar, it’s just really the wind, the bouncing that we have – we still have that this week, if anything it’s worse – so we’re just working through lots of different scenarios, trying to work out how to hold onto the downforce and not have it bouncing as it was in the last test.

“I think everyone’s probably in a similar boat. Some have managed to get around it in a better way.

“But it’s difficult out there. It’s bumpy, it’s slippery, it’s sandy. In the morning it’s way too hot and in the afternoon it’s gusty.

“The car definitely is different to last week but I think it’s more that the tires working with these temperatures are different here. It’s a different machine this weekend but I don’t think it’s the change we’ve made.”

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