Red Bull’s Max Verstappen says Mercedes is trying to undermine his achievement of winning an F1 title after the controversial Abu Dhabi GP.

The 2021 season was filled with drama as both Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton fought for the drivers’ championship title. Incidents like the crash at Silverstone and the last lap at Yas Marina caused controversy among the paddock and the F1 community.

However, Verstappen believes that he won the title on merit – explaining that it is fought over a full season, and not only through a race.

“A championship is won over a whole season,” Verstappen told De Telegraaf.

“There may be people who have only looked at the last Grand Prix. They may think I was lucky, but normally the championship would have been decided in my favour long ago.”

Verstappen said that while ‘the losing team’ (referring to Mercedes) is trying to shine his victory off, he still feels good about it.

“It was a crazy and epic Formula 1 season. The losing team will try to take the shine off it, but on the winning side it still feels good, I can assure you.”

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