Williams boss Jost Capito said Alexander Albon has exceeded the team’s expectations during his first weeks.

The former Red Bull driver lost his seat in the 2020 season when he was replaced by Sergio Perez. Now, Albon is making his comeback with Williams, though he continues to be sponsored by Red Bull.

Speaking about his performance, Capito said Albon exceeded the expectations set for him.

“I’m very impressed, he is very good on the information he gives on evaluating the car,” Capito said.

“He is quite calm. He has a very good feeling for the car. He worked well with the engineers and with the overall team.

“I think is the right balance between nice guy and when he is in the car, he understands it. He’s pushing and he is a fighter.

“I expected him to be really good within the team, but he exceeded my expectations.”

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