Mike Krack believes that Aston Martin needs to make a competitive car for Sebastian Vettel in order to make him stay in the team.

Vettel joined Aston Martin last year and was expected to lead the team to the top of the pecking order with a lot of investments put. Though he had a 2nd place finish in Azerbaijan, Aston Martin managed to achieve only 7th place in the Constructors’ Championship.

Vettel currently has a ‘multi-year deal’ with Aston Martin, but in fact, his future in the team is unclear. Krack has spoken about what they could do to ensure the German would stay with them in a long-time perspective.

“I hope that myself [being here] is already enough for him to stay! No, I’m joking,” the Aston Martin team principal said.

“It’s clear that a guy like Sebastian, a four-time world champion, does not want to be 15th or 12th, or in P8, that’s clear.

“It is our task to deliver him a performing car, or let’s say a performing structure. Sebastian is a clever guy so he will not be focusing just on this year’s car but focusing more on what is happening and if he sees the potential.

“If we can manage to offer this to him, I think we have a chance to keep him for longer.

“To be honest with you, I have not spoken with him about it. This is something that will have to come, obviously.”

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