Valtteri Bottas states that “you definitely feel the difference” between Alfa Romeo and Mercedes.

After five seasons at Mercedes, Bottas has started a new chapter in his career with Alfa Romeo this year. The Finn already had an opportunity to work closely with the new team during the pre-season testing in Barcelona. He has spoken about how his former and current teams differ.

“I would say you definitely feel the difference,” Bottas said.

“First of all, the size of the team is quite a bit smaller, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing, and at least so far I’ve been enjoying it.”

At the same time, the Finn has admitted that though he is still adapting to the new team, he enjoys the process.

“There’s so many new people, new things to get used to and learn.

“And still I would say I’m in the adaptation phase of actually getting properly to know the team and how everything works, but that’s part of learning.

“I would say it’s been a pretty quick process of getting used to it.

“But good vibes, I’ve been really, really enjoying it and, with a bit more track time I would be even happier, but at least it’s been fun.”

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