Guenther Steiner revealed that Uralkali threatened Haas to pull out their sponsorship over a chassis dispute in the 2021 season.

Last year we reported that Mazepin had swapped chassis with Schumacher after complaints from his father, Dmitry.

Now, Haas team principal Steiner gave more details about the situation in Netflix’s Drive to Survive – stating the Mazepin threatened the team with pulling out the Uralkali sponsorship if his son didn’t get a chassis swap.

“If it doesn’t change, I will send an official letter that we stop financing and stop racing,” Dmitry Mazepin said.

“It will be a huge problem with the money,” he continued. “And they will decide what to do because we will not keep this ‘let’s do, let’s do, let’s try, let’s try.’ We already tried [for] three races and if we remove the Uralkali, we stop racing. Switch the cars. Everybody knows that someone has an advantage.”

“It’s the same car,” Steiner insisted. “As much as you believe it’s not, it’s the same car.”

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