Valtteri Bottas said Alfa Romeo still has a long way until it knows its new Formula 1 car to the fullest.

The Finnish driver, who comes from Mercedes after being replaced by George Russell last year, admitted the team still has to discover areas of the car, while it needs to work on others.

“For me, it was quite limited running that we had with only two different tyre compounds, [and] only with very few set-up changes,” Bottas said.

“So there’s still so much more to discover, so that’s why we’re really aiming to work hard during the test and hopefully get a better understanding in Bahrain.

“But there’s work to do. I’m not saying anything against that, but also I feel like there is potential in this package, and I’m looking forward to discover more about it with the team.”

Speaking about the issues the team faced in Barcelona, team technical director Jan Monchaux said they have “a few issues to solve,” but that they prefer they happen now rather than during the season.

“In the past we’ve been usually very good on reliability for this new car. We had to go very extreme on some design features [on the 2022 car], essentially because of the weight impact.

“So yes, we had a few issues to solve, but I’m relatively confident we’ll be on top of them. As [for] the mechanical issue […] to some extent I prefer to happen now than during the season.

“Usually when we have those issues, we fix them once and for all. It’s also why we go testing. So yeah, we would have liked [to be] doing more mileage, for sure.

“As it is we can’t change that. We need to go home now and have a little bit more than a week to fix quite a few things.”

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