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Wolff: I was never concerned Hamilton was leaving

Mercedes-AMG F1 W13 E Performance Launch – Lewis Hamilton. Credits: Mercedes.

Toto Wolff admitted he was confident that Lewis Hamilton would not end his Formula 1 career after the 2021 season.

There were rumors regarding Hamilton’s possible retirement after last year’s Abu Dhabi GP. Several days after the race, Wolff said: “I would very much hope that Lewis continues racing, because he is the greatest driver of all time.”

During the Mercedes W13 car launch event, Hamilton reacted to the rumors and stated that he “never ever said that he was going to stop.” Wolff revealed that he had no doubts that the Briton would stay in the sport as well.

“I was never concerned that he was leaving,” the Mercedes team principal commented.

“Within the team, we knew that he needed to take the time to reflect on things and particularly to understand how he would come back in the best possible frame of mind.

“There was, on our side, no worries about him not coming back.”

Wolff also added that Hamilton was in “attack mode” ahead of the new season.

“I think what he did was absolutely right, to take himself out of the microcosmos of Formula 1 and step aside, and black out socially,.

“He has come back in a great mindset. He’s positive, he’s determined, and the – yet again – adversity that was thrown at him, will make him stronger. As he said, it’s attack mode.”

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