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Russell: I see switching teams during rules change as a positive

George Russell at the 2021 post-season F1 testing. Credits: Reddit.

George Russell thinks that changing teams during regulations change can bring benefits.

Russell has joined Mercedes for the 2022 F1 season when the technical regulations will be dramatically changed. The Briton believes that going to a new team at such a period of time can be beneficial for him.

“I see moving teams during this regulation change as a positive, in all honesty,” Russell said in an interview with Mercedes.

“Because we’ve got a completely different car, which is a completely different philosophy to previously. [There will be] different tires, [and I’ll be] working with new engineers.

“I think starting from a completely fresh sheet of paper is beneficial for all, whereas I think, if I stayed with Williams for this season, there’s always things in the back of your mind that you learned on the previous era of cars, that will always subconsciously carry through into the future.

“Whereas, if you are truly starting from a fresh slate, I think that can only be a benefit for this year.”

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