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Mercedes “absolutely desperate” to get to pre-season testing

2021 Bahrain Pre-Season Test, Day 2 – LAT Images. Credits: Mercedes.

The Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains managing director Hywel Thomas reveals that they eagerly anticipate the pre-season testing.

The preparation for the 2022 Formula 1 season is reaching its final part as the teams are about to show their challengers. More than that, the first pre-season testing session will start later this month in Barcelona.

The introduction of the new technical regulations creates a lot of unknowns and no one knows how good their car is. That’s why Mercedes want to start the testing as quickly as possible to check it.

“The 2022 car is very, very different,” Thomas said.

“We know the aerodynamics are different, and from all the things that we’ve been told and all the work we’ve done with the team here at Brackley, we believe that the car will be doing slightly different things, and the requests from the driver will be different as they go through the corners than they were in previous years.

“We’ve got simulations, we’ve done all our calculations, and we’ve modified the engine and the way that the engine drives in order for us to be ready, and we’ll be able to react to when the driver puts the power on, perhaps in a slightly different way, perhaps at a slightly different time.

“Of course, we’re absolutely desperate to get to the first track test so we can see if those simulations are correct.

“Hopefully they will be. If not, we’ll be ready to adjust the PU [power unit] as necessary to make sure the driver gets exactly what they want when they asked for it.”

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