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Russell: Pressure in qualifying excites me

George Russell at the 2021 Qatar GP. Credits: Reddit.

George Russell states that the pressure and possibility to push make qualifying sessions enjoyable for him.

Russell is known for his impressive qualifying performances in F1 as he has regularly outqualified his teammates and managed to get to the top 10 occasionally. The Mercedes driver has revealed what he enjoys most in qualifyings.

“It’s the high-pressure stakes of qualifying; you go out there, you’ve got one lap to do the business, the pressure is on and the world’s watching,” he told

“It just excites me and I thrive on that pressure to go out there and deliver. I think for a lot of drivers, it’s the most exciting part of the weekend. It’s when your car is at its fastest and when everything is on the line.

“It’s like a sprint, [with] the race being more of a marathon, managing it to the end. You can’t sprint every lap of a race because you’d be burned out, you’d tire the engine and the brakes.

“But qualifying – you are not holding anything back, you are unleashing everything and that’s what I enjoy.”

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