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Mercedes: New cars’ performance will be relatively similar to 2021

2021 French Grand Prix, Saturday – Jiri Krenek. Credits: Mercedes.

The Mercedes F1 Team technical director, Mike Elliott, said they expect the new 2022 car to be similar to last season’s in terms of performance.

The new regulations for the 2022 Formula 1 season bring big expectations for teams and fans alike in terms of producing better racing on track. However, some expect the performance of the updated machines to be similar to that of last year’s.

“The overall performance of the new cars is probably not going to be very different from the old [ones],” Elliott said.

“Obviously the intention of these regulations was to try and improve overtaking, and it will be a little bit of time before we can see whether that’s actually happened.

“The car is a bit heavier, the power unit on the E10 fuel is going to perform slightly differently, and the way the aerodynamics are going to work and the set-up of the car that goes with it will be different as well.

Until we get the best out of that, until we’ve developed that through testing and the first few races, we’re not really going to know.”But overall, I suspect the performance will be relatively similar to last year.”

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