Christian Horner believes that the past Formula 1 season has been the best one for the sport in decades.

The 2021 F1 season will be remembered for the title battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton that ended only at the checkered flag of the Abu Dhabi GP. Horner thinks that last year was one of the greatest in F1 history.

“I think sport is all about competition and when you’ve got serial winners it becomes less attractive. So I think the fact that there was a big rivalry between the teams, between the two drivers, every Grand Prix there was very little to choose between the two of them, it was a fantastic year. The best year I think Formula 1 has had as a sport for probably 30 or 40 years,” the Red Bull Racing team principal told World Is One News.

The final race of the season ended in a controversial way. The race director Michael Masi deployed the Safety Car after Nicholas Latifi’s crash on lap 53. Later on, he allowed certain lapped cars to overtake the leader Hamilton. After that, Verstappen, who had been on fresh tires, passed Hamilton on the final lap to become the world champion.

Mercedes protested the Safety Car procedure, but it was dismissed by the FIA. Horner shared his thoughts on the incident.

“If you look at the season as a whole, we’ve had a lot of bad luck,” said Horner. “We got a little bit fortunate with the incident at the end of the race.

“The Safety Car was the inevitable response to that and I think tactically we made the right call. We pitted Max, Mercedes left Lewis out, and he was then going to be very exposed at the restart.

“And of course when the race did get restarted, which is always going to be the intention of the race director, Max had to go for it, had one lap to make the pass, he did it and managed to convert the championship. So it was an amazing feeling, and an amazing end to an incredible year.”

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