Valtteri Bottas believes adding more races to the Formula 1 calendar would go over the limit in terms of time and logistic capabilities.

F1 will have the biggest calendar ever this year with 23 Grands Prix included and wants to have even more races in the foreseeable future. Such an approach raised concerns because of the big workload. Bottas shared his thoughts about it.

“I feel like we’re starting to get to the limit,” he told the Beyond The Grid podcast.

“That’s what I feel. Having more than we’re going to have next year, with also quite [a] compressed calendar, I think we can’t have that many more. I mean, like how there’s time, and how logistically it’s going to be possible.

“But I think we’re in a good amount now. That’s my feeling.”

The Finn also admitted that he was delighted with the 2022 calendar.

“The calendar actually looks okay. Initially, I thought there [was] going be, like, four triple-headers, but there’s actually only two, and still, we have an August break.

“Yes, it is hectic, but it is possible. But, the fun thing with Formula 1 [is] that the time just flies, and the adrenaline this sport gives you, it just keeps you going. It keeps you going almost forever.”

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