Mattia Binotto admits that he is impressed with how well Carlos Sainz worked with Ferrari in the 2021 F1 season.

Sainz managed to get 4 podiums and outscore teammate Charles Leclerc in his first season at Ferrari. Binotto believes that learning the team’s workflow helped the Spaniard.

“Certainly, we are very keen on that,” the Ferrari team principal said.

“I think it has been obtained as well through quite a big effort through the winter time. With [the] engineers, he was often [going] to Maranello, [to] sit down [with them], going through the car, the procedures.

“So it has been a lot of work back in Maranello, on the simulator, [to] try to prepare [for] the season. I think that we’ve seen the result of such an effort.

“We had a session of driving in Fiorano with an old car, just before the first testing, so everything was put in place [to] try to help Carlos for his integration.”

Binotto has also stated that Sainz himself put a lot of effort to fit in Ferrari’s system well.

“[It] certainly has been very good on his side as well,” he added.

“He has been very good because he is a good learner. He is studying, he’s trying to learn, he’s trying to understand, and I think he has been consistent in his integration and development in terms of performance for the season as well.”

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