Esteban Ocon believes that the recent changes in Formula 1 benefit the sport.

After Liberty Media has taken over Formula 1, a lot of new things have been added to the championship in order to make it more spectacular. Ocon has shared his thoughts about it.

“I think it’s fantastic the way that Formula 1 is evolving. Of course, there are still things that we could just clean up or have better, but I think the way we are trying things, the way the races were interesting, the way there is opportunities nowadays – it’s just crazy until the last lap,” he said.

“That last lap in 2021 really sums up the whole season because it’s been like that in 2020, it’s been like that in 2021, and if we have the cars closer together, I think it probably will overtake football in terms of how interesting it’s going to be.

“Everyone talks about Formula 1, I have some friends that were not really into the sport, now they are completely watching. It’s just great. It’s also nice that we tried some new formats for us, it was really good, because it gave us a chance to fight back even if we were not fast enough to get into the top 10.”

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